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Marco Triacca

marco triacca
Class of 1980, he is an agricultural engineer.

Born in Poschiavo, Switzerland, he was encouraged from a very early age to absorb the way of life and love of the soil and viticulture by his father, Domenico, and recognises the important role his mother, Elisa, played. Marco has built, or perhaps we should say "grafted" his profession on to these inherited emotions and values. Following his graduation in agricultural sciences from ETH Zurich in 2006, he acquired a master's degree in Viticulture and Oenology from Montpellier and Bordeaux.

Prior to deciding in 2009 to form his own wine producing company, La Perla, in Valtellina, Lombardy, Marco Triacca bolstered his technical and other relevant knowledge with further study, research and hands-on vineyard experience. His professional training included courses at the Agroscope research institute, Changins-Wädenswil (Switzerland) and the agricultural institute of San Michele all'Adige (Italy) as well as practical vineyard and cellar experience with Ceretto (Alba, Italy, 2008) and Quadra (Franciacorta, Italy, 2007).

Research, professionalism and passion for viticulture and oenology combine with Marco Triacca's strong bond with Valtellina (Italy) and Valposchiavo (Switzerland) that he has had since childhood. For him, borders and frontiers are culturally and professionally non-existent.

For this reason, in addition to his position as a winegrowing entrepreneur in his own company, La Perla, he has been working on projects in cooperation with the Ecole d'Ingénieurs at Nyon in Switzerland since early 2012.

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